EnviroOffice Suite is advanced Document Managment, Tracking and Archival Software
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Product Overview
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EnviroOffice Suite allows you to manage and archive all your documents - fast and efficiently. All your documents are available within seconds on your PC, and at a much lower cost level compared to a paper-based system to boot!

EnviroOffice Suite is based on these five basic principles:

Capturing / Importing





Capturing / Importing

When capturing or importing a document, it becomes immediately available to all workstations!.

  • Digitizing of a paper document using a scanner

scanner Paper documents such as Material Safety Data Sheets, Invoices, patient records, legal documents or any other incoming documents are converted into a digital format with the help of a scanner. You can even fax them in with your fax machine, but the scanning process is much faster.
The size of the documents can vary considerably as scanners can handle documents from E-size to business cards.

  • Importing computer-generated files (E-Files)

E-Files (existing electronic files) from any Windows application can be imported into EnviroOffice Suite simply by dragging and dropping the files into the folder of you choice.


After capturing or importing, your documents are available in EnviroOffice Suite. For later retrieval, you can assign keywords such as SDS
 number, date, company name, etc... The type and number of fields available for indexing and searching, can be defined by you for each individual library of file cabinets.

  • Manual indexing and select lists

keyboardManual entry of keywords with a keyboard or choosing keywords from a select list are options which are always available. If possible, documents can be indexed fully or semi-automatically with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

  • (Optional) Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR document With OCR, you can index all text on the entire document to be used for keyword searching. The index criteria is read automatically from each page and stored into the file cabinet.

  • (Optional) Bar code

bar codeAll common bar code types are read fully automatically off the document. The location of the bar code on the document is identified automatically. The use of bar codes has the big advantage that even documents which do not have the same format (e.g.; accounts payable documents) can be indexed fully automatically by attaching a bar code label or by including a bar code label in the printing process.

  • Automatic import

 documents along with their Keywords can be automatically imported from our EnviroOffice Authoring Software, complete with Auto-Revision and Auto-Archive.


After keywords have been assigned to a document, the documents are stored in a digital file cabinet. The keywords are automatically added to the database.

Paper documents or electronic filesHard disk or CD

All stored documents are available immediately at all workstations!

On demand, older and less requested documents can be moved to slower, but more affordable storage media (e.g. CD-ROM’s). This process is called migration.


In the retrieval process, the strengths of EnviroOffice Suite can be experienced in full force. You can search for any of the keywords which you have entered during the storage process.

It does not make any difference:

  • who stored the document
  • from where the documents are coming
  • how old the documents are
  • where the documents have been stored
Hard disk or CD  View, Print, Fax, E-mail...

The retrieval of documents can be performed in seconds. Retrieved documents can ...

  • be viewed on the screen - even by multiple colleagues at once
  • be processed with other application programs
  • be printed with cover letter
  • be faxed with cover letter
  • be E-mailed
  • etc ...


Print, fax or email on demand or use EnviroOffice Suite's Scheduler to send any document to anyone at anytime including you own custom designed cover letter

- or -

Offline distribution  large quantities of documents can be recorded very affordably on CD-ROM’s - on demand with retrieval software which lets you retrieve documents right from a CD.

The CD is also a very good medium for distributing documents to your subsidiaries or external sales staff. As the retrieval software resides right on the CD, no further retrieval software needs to be installed - which makes it a great application for use with notebooks.

Depending on the application, a CD can hold between 15,000 to 150,000 documents which equals about 5 physical file cabinets.


Back to the five principlesNetworking

  • Provide access to your documents across your (LAN) or
  • connect EnviroOffice Suite directly to Microsoft SQL-Server database for a pure client / server architecture.
  • Limit access to documents through EnviroOffice Suite's Security features.

 View, Print, Fax, E-mail...
 View, Print, Fax, E-mail...  View, Print, Fax, E-mail...
 View, Print, Fax, E-mail...  View, Print, Fax, E-mail...

Back to the five principlesInternet / Intranet

WebView Server (Add-on module) - Allow users access from anywhere to Search, View and Print your documents from any Web Browser across your intranet and/or the internet.

 An additional option to make documents available for many users are enterprise-wide intranets or the Internet. With this infrastructure, you are not restricted by specific retrieval software or operating systems. All you need is a common Web browser in order to have access to the documents. This means that you can retrieve documents no matter where you are in the world and no matter with which computer system you are working.

Documents can be made available for all your subsidiaries, customers and vendors - worldwide.  Access to the database can be password-protected so you can make sure that only certain user groups may have access to the documents. 

Note: WebView has its own built-in web server so it does not require IIS or  Apache.

Click Webview Live to test drive Webview residing on our server here at our office.


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